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ACISF Fitness will enhance your existing fitness programs while helping to promote a healthy lifestyle with exciting national sponsor giveaways and promotions throughout the school year. Whether a student is working out or participating in a fitness class, the ACISF Fitness program provides incentives for your students to stay active!


  • Prizes & Giveaways for Your Students
  • Fitness Equipment for Your Department (Example: exercise/yoga mats)
  • Internship Opportunities: Change for a student on your campus to gain marketing experience and earn money
  • Easy to Implement Promotions that Help Generate:
    • Excitement Surrounding Your Fitness Programs
    • Increased Participation and Awareness
  • Compensation for Participation: Earn money for your fitness/recreation department
  • Enhancements to Your Existing Programming

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ACISF Fitness Sponsors

ACIS Fitness Sponsor - Tampax
ACIS Fitness Sponsor - Six Star
Sport Beans
ACIS Fitness Sponsor - Timex
ACIS Fitness Sponsor - Irish Spring
ACIS Fitness Sponsor - Cannondale
Nike - Fitness

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